Your dream is possible because what you learned before matters. We recognise prior learning and acknowledge your God-given calling.

Kailo Training Institute recognises that people obtained knowledge, experience, and skills in formal and informal ways. The qualifications are structured to make Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) possible. People in ministry often have a lot of workplaces and multi-vocational experience that is not reflected in any formal program of learning. As a non-secular training institute, we give learners the opportunity to demonstrate their competence in knowledge, calling, skills and motivation needed to join a program. Everyone interested in joining Kailo Training Institute must submit an Expression of Interest Form with the necessary documents. This submission is followed by a preliminary interview, to clarify all the questions and expectations.

We are committed to helping learners to succeed by offering excellent training material and additional modules to ensure success in the research process. Although this is a distance learning institute the lecturers are in regular contact with the learners to coach them where required. The lecturer’s involvement ensures that learners can work at their pace while meeting the deadlines.