Can I be a good counsellor?

This is a burning question in many people’s hearts. Some feel that they are not good enough to help others or that they are too insignificant.

I grew up knowing that I have a God-given calling to help people, but along the way, I started thinking I wasn't that clever. Now I know that I am unique, and I can help people in a unique way without neglecting who I am.

There is comfort in being a compassionate human being sitting and being present with another human being. The healing power is through the working of the Holy Spirit and as counsellors we can be bridge builders between a hurting soul and God.

You are unique. You have incredible aspects of yourself that allow you to connect to others. On the one side, you can read this book or that book and read this certain article on social and on and on.

You can develop your skills to help others in many ways. Kailo Training Institute trains Christian Pastoral Counsellors to guide people on a journey with a clear therapeutic road map toward wellness and wholeness. Through counselling, you can help people to get away from a problem-saturated way of thinking toward hope and healing.

At Kailo Training Institute we teach you to define helping and healing. We train you to use the Bible as your handbook and to utilize skills that are tested and practised over many years. In the training, we help you to explore the importance of your traumas and biases and fears. You didn't have to have all the answers. After all, who called you to do this work?

This is not just a call for Expressions of Interest. There is a 20-question-quiz available if you wonder whether you can be a good counsellor. You will have to create an account for access to the quiz and the results. The link to the free QUIZ.  

Kailo Training Institute offers non-secular training in the form of a BA in Counselling and a MA in Counselling. We recognise prior learning and ministry experience. Detail about the programs is available in the Frequently Asked Questions section.