This is the time of the year when potential students and curious enthusiasts look around for learning opportunities to start new adventures. The hunger for these new adventures is usually part of their life’s journey that coincide with their God-given calling.

People with the most touching stories about their God-given calling that was clear from their youth. However, as they grew older life happened and they had other responsibilities that prevented them from pursuing those dreams.

This is a good time to stop and revisit the dreams in your heart. Get your head around what you want to do. Dreams about reaching your destiny will involve preparation and work. If you know what you are passionate about and what you what to do, the process of finding opportunities to help you to dream that dream becomes much easier.

Do you think about helping people and becoming a counsellor? Kailo Training Institute prepared a 20-question quiz to help you assess whether you can be a good counsellor. This will give you an overview of the characteristics you need to venture into counselling.

The Counselling School at Kailo Training Institute approaches counselling training from several angles. The first step is a suitable selection process, followed by a sound theoretical basis from a Christian Pastoral Counselling perspective and you select the field in which you want to do your practical application. This means that you can choose to specialize in a vast number of modalities like counselling children, marriages, families, trauma and so forth.

We offer online training for adults, with regular interactions with the facilitators, to ensure maximum skills development of all students. Our Dean, Dr Barbara Louw is closely involved in giving guidance to pre- and post-graduate students.

Information about Kailo Training Institute’s Counselling School and Bible School is on our website. The section “Frequently Asked Questions” provides detail about programmes, content, methods and prices. You can express your interest by completing the form and sending it with the required documents. We will arrange a preliminary interview via Zoom at no extra cost.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.