Kailo Training Institute offers study opportunities for adult learners in Counselling and Divinity. By the time you consider yourself an adult you know about the challenges of doing what is right and not just what is easy.

Your needs in the process of realising your dreams are different from those of an adolescent. You have to plan your schedule carefully because there are important things that compete for every moment. Spare moments are a luxury that must you cherished if they present themselves. For the rest of the time, you juggle to make the best of what you have. Juggling also applies to finances, space, priorities and resources.

As an adult, you have a deeper appreciation for the important things in life. It is important to fulfil your God-given calling and your dreams. When working towards satisfying these two aspects you want to be as effective as possible and enjoy the journey.

Kailo Training Institute offers the programmes and guides students with additional resources, such as a comprehensive introduction module to orientate you to use the online platform, weekly meetings with the main facilitator/s and prompt assistance if you have questions. One of the complimentary modules that are available to all students is “Writing Skills”. In this module, there is guidance on all aspects of writing that you need to confidently complete your assignments. Studying should not be a guessing game when it comes to the referencing style or elements of an essay.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. There are multiple intake opportunities per year.