In South Africa, we are celebrating Women’s Month and many voices are going up to address social ills. The leadership at Kailo Training Institute is concerned about the fact that the people in the church seem to have the very same problems as the people outside the church. In both scenarios, we see that gender-based violence, crime, corruption, and violence are rife.

Our passion is to equip people to become excellent Christian Pastoral Counsellors. Counsellors who are passionate about helping God’s people and people outside the church to heal and become well. We are training counsellors to apply the Bible as their handbook, while they are taught to also look at the bigger picture of what erodes and destroys people’s lives.

The World Bank uses the term “Learning Poverty” to measure the share of children who are not able to read proficiently at age 10. In situations where there are tertiary learning opportunities, we see that better learning outcomes are not translating into better work and life outcomes for women. When women can’t flourish, the children and eventually whole families are suffering.

Dr Barbara Louw, our dean, said there should be a Christian Pastoral Counsellor in every school, church and community organisation to help the people to become well and whole. Learning poverty in the Christian community starts with not acknowledging bi-vocational ministries and multi-vocational counsellors and pastors. Lay-counselling and lay-ministry are inappropriate terms in a time when people with a God-given calling study the Word of God, as well as have a sound theoretical knowledge base and minister to people in their community.

Knowledge should never be used as a blockage to prevent people from ministering to people in need. Kailo Training Institute fosters a passion for multi-dimensional learning to ensure that you keep on growing in the ministry God called you. Our non-secular degree programmes include various elements to ensure the transfer of knowledge and skills while you develop and grow at your own unique pace.

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