A puzzling letter crossed my desk this week. In this letter, pastors were discouraged to offer to counsel because it was too time-consuming, too complex, and too unpredictable.

At Kailo Training Institute as well as in our daily ministry we know that God called us to minister to people through counselling, pastoring, and training. All the training modules are based on the Bible as the foundation and the skills training is practical and applicable.

Ministering to people can take time because listening to people’s stories is the point of departure to help them to understand themselves and their struggles a little better. By listening we help people to feel that they are not the problem, but that they are dealing with problems and challenges.

Can you listen without being judgemental? If your answer is “yes” then you can encourage people to move through their problem-saturated situations. You can pray with them and help them to find hope in the Word of God.

Yes, counselling can be described as being “complicated” or we can appreciate the multi-faceted dimensions of people’s behaviour, emotions, life challenges and faith lives. Kailo Training Institute’s comprehensive training is structured to equip you to be a successful counsellor who is not afraid of reaching out to hurting people.

There are people who struggle with pain and uncertainty everywhere. The practical side of our training programme allows you to care for people and do further research in the area of your God-given calling. If God called you to care about hurting people Kailo Training Institute can equip you to fulfil that calling wholeheartedly. In the Counselling School, the first module is always “The Bible as the Counsellors Handbook”. It is a great privilege to start studying by seeking the wisdom of God in His Word.

If you consider counselling training in a Christian Pastoral Counselling paradigm, visit Kailo Training Institute today. The detail of the online programmes is in the Frequently Ask Question section. You can send your Expression of Interest form today because we offer multiple intakes in a year.